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Transcom, a pioneer in the green industry since the 1990s, has successfully applied experience and innovation to establish the green raw materials sectors, particularly medical cannabis and plantation wood, in production and trading. The company plans to expand its activities in the coming decade, with the integration of artificial intelligence playing a central role. This will not only increase efficiency and productivity, but also open up new avenues for sustainable practices and resource use. Through this strategic focus, Transcom is positioning itself as a pioneer for the next generation of green technologies, with the already established sectors serving as a solid foundation for future growth. In an era where ecological responsibility and technological progress go hand in hand, Transcom is consolidating its role as a pioneer in the green industry.

Our values

Innovation in the field of medical cannabis

The ever-growing acceptance and legalization of medical cannabis worldwide not only offers new markets, but also the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for healthcare applications.

Sustainability as a priority

In view of the global challenges in the areas of environmental protection and climate change, our company consistently focuses on sustainable business activities.

Artificial intelligence for efficiency and progress

With rapid advances in technology, integrating artificial intelligence into our business operations is essential.

Commitment to environmental protection and ethics

Our company is committed to ethical business conduct and actively uses sustainability as a guiding principle.

Wood as a versatile raw material

The use of wood as a sustainable raw material not only makes ecological sense, but also offers a wide range of possible applications.

What We Do

Wood delivery / Wood trade

Wood delivery / Wood trade



Construction & Consulting

Construction & Consulting

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

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