Transcom plays a crucial role in the multifaceted world of timber trading. With a focus on round and plank timber, we act as a link between the resources of Eastern Europe and the needs of our customers in Western Europe. Our portfolio includes high-quality woods such as oak, beech, teak and others that meet the highest demands of our customers.

The path of wood through our hands is characterized by precision and efficiency. While we process some of it ourselves, we pass on an impressive 80% to fully meet the needs of our customers. Our transports are perfectly orchestrated to transport the valuable loads safely and promptly from Eastern Europe to our customers in Western Europe.

We are currently handling an impressive 100 loads or 2000 cubic meters per year and we are setting ourselves ambitious goals. In the next 24 months we aim to double this volume. Transcom, a company on the move, acts with a strategic view of the future without revealing its discrete size.

European oak. Class 1. /
European oak. Class 2. /

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